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How much money can I earn??

We are very generous with our payments for each customer you send us, you earn money. We have built a simple commission ladder for you to climb as an affiliate to Miss Site. Just check the example below to see what you earn:

  • 1-30 Premium Package €40 per Sell & Upgrade
  • 31-50 Premium upgrades €60 per Sell & Upgrade
  • 51+ Premium upgrades €80 per Sell & Upgrade

For example, if you bring in 37 Premium Customers, you will be paid
€1,200 (€40 x 30) for the first 30 plus €420 (€60 x 7) for the remaining
7. In total, €1,620.

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What You’ll Get As An Affiliate

  • You can earn up to €80 per sold package

  • No monthly maximum amount earned

  • We save your cookie under 45 days

  • Professional banners that you can place on your website

  • Simple and high conversion rate on all our landing pages

  • A storefront built to increase the number of conversions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?​

To get started, simply by going to, here you register your new affiliate account by filling in your personal or company data. As well as fill in and tells how to send visitors from your website, email or portal to our website.

How do I get started?

Once we receive your application, an account manager to go through it when you are approved you will receive an email with your username and password to Miss Affiliate. Once in the system retrieves easily banners, links, or text that you can place on your website. Now you are ready to start sending your visitors to our site, we will do the rest!

What happens now?

You are sending customers to our website, they go over our site and choose the package that suits them. When they selected the Sitebuildern to suit customer places his order in our storefront. Once they have made their purchases and paid for their Sitebuilder, a sale that is registered to your account. We then pay the money to you once a month.

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